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Ine E

S19 And The Muse: The Book (follow up)

It is a slow process, but it’s coming closer to the point where we want to publish a book about our project. We created a huge selection of photos over the years, and it really is time to release a great book. Expect to hear more information soon!

S19 And The Muse: The Book

This coming autumn it is time to select our best works (so far) to publish in a special limited edition art book. It will be a first selection from the shootings between 2010 and 2012. The project is still running, so there is a good chance that a follow up will also be published later on. I’ll keep you updated about the progress.

Oslo High

Oslo High
This summer I am going back to Oslo.
More photos, more adventures, more fun!
Very soon…

(photo: S19 model: Ine E)


We decided to put more words and stories into this long term project. It will make the whole experience even more personal and real. First I have to figure out how we can translate and fit this into the project, but expect more new photos soon, and… words.


A lot more adventures, a lot more photos… 2012 will be amazing!


24 November 2011
Soon I’ll have to make some little changes in the lay-out. It seems that it is not clear that you can find many more photos -who are not presented on the main page- in the menu. Just browse trough the categories to find more photos.
Our follow up shooting is a bit on delay during the upcoming busy Holiday Season but  expect more to come soon! In the meantime the site will be updated with many more new photos so stay in touch!


06 November 2011
More new photos were uploaded in all categories this week so more viewing pleasure for all the curious eyes. Each week I’ll upload new photos so we get a solid base to start our new and upcoming projects from! We are also in the progress planning new shootings… see if we can manage something very soon. Exciting times to look forward to! Stay tuned!


01 November 2011
Finally we found the ultimate online playground to show you our creative adventures. This website will be updated frequently with new photos and stories about our travels and explorations in the world of art, sensuality and erotica. To create erotica like this you need more than just a camera and a model. First you need to build a trustful and respectful relationship so you are able to show the purest and honest emotions. Time is a key to unlock these secrets…

This project is dedicated to the deep connection between artist and model, but also to real friendship! Thank you so much Ine for being my dear friend, my naughty devil and my muse.