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Ine E



June, 2010

That early morning it was already warm and humid in the forest. It was the day after we met for the first time in our lives. The day after we did our first shootings and both already knew it felt very comfortable working together. That morning I asked her to shoot some erotic portraits. During that shoot I was able to feel the heat coming from her soft and beautiful skin. She was playing dirty games with my mind and she enjoyed it very much herself. When I look back I think this moment was the beginning of a closer bound between artist and model… the model became a muse.

November, 2011

The process is still running and each time it’s going deeper. It is pure magic.  Around the edge you can find the most honest feelings and emotions. There you are able to find new grounds and creative spirits.  We both realize that there will be many more levels waiting for us to get explored… so together we will continue this adventure!